SYMA X5SC PLUS Explorers 2 toy drone

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The SYMA X5SC Plus Explorers 2 Drone is a toy drone.  This is not a professional device in any way, so if you are looking to get those dramatic shoots that you see in the movies, this product will not do that for you.  However, if you are looking to keep your drone skills up without worrying about crashing your budget, then this drone is perfect for you.  The Syma is a 2.4G 4 channel, 6 Axis Gyro Radio Control Headless Quadcopter that includes a 2MB HD (720p) Camera.  This camera does not allow you to view live time back to a cell phone.  You will need to upgrade to the SYMA X5SW model to view live time of the camera.

After you insert the battery into the quadcopter battery compartment, the power switch will then enable both the drone and the camera.  Then power on the controller, move the left toggle up and down, and you are ready to fly for about 8 minutes per battery.

This drone has the headless option, which means if you loss your flight orientation, in other words, which way is front, you can enable the headless mode by pressing the right upper button and then bring the quadcopter back to your location.

The Syma X5SC Plus drone has a 360 degree flip button that will allow you to show off to onlookers.  You should only attempt to perform this feature on a fresh battery charge.  Don’t wait 4 minutes after flying to perform this feature.