SYMA X5SC PLUS Explorers 2 toy drone

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In this video we are unboxing The SYMA X5SC Plus Explorers 2 Toy Drone.  The Syma is a 2.4G 4 channel, 6 Axis Gyro Radio Control Headless Quadcopter that includes a 2MB HD (720p) Camera.

If you are looking at getting high detailed video shoots to use in commercials, this drone is not for you.  This is a toy drone, not a professional device.  You can use this drone to practice your flying and be able to lose less then 100 bucks if you crash it.  The X5SC does not allow you to watch on your cell phone live time. You must upgrade to the S5CW model.

1 x Syma X5SC quadcopter with camera (with original package)

1 x 2.4G LCD remote

1 x 500mAh Li-Po rechargeable battery

1 x USB charger

1 x Screwdriver

1 x Card reader

1 x 4GB storage card

1 x English manual

“The X5SC is almost the same as the X5C1, but it has a better pinion gear system; however, it cannot be replaced as easily as the X5C1 can be. The rumors of the X5SC not being able to fly as well in the wind are true. I have experienced this problem. It seems the maximum angle of attack is much less in this model. Flying the SC in High mode is like flying the C1 in Low mode. You just can’t battle the wind so it’s better as an indoor or calm day flyer. I solved the problem by replacing the SC board with a regular C1 board. Now I have the maneuverability of the C1.”  By Whitewolf on June 17, 2015 4 out of 5 stars

“This quadcopter is a lot of fun to fly, and pretty easy for novices to learn with and enjoy. I’ve only been flying these with my 10 year-old son for a few months, we have the X5C-1 and the X11 (the latter is great to fly indoors and an excellent learning machine). The main change is the Headless mode, and it works great” By JoeC on April 20, 2015