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Our Management Team

Rob Helmstetter
Rob HelmstetterCo Founder
Rob has been employed in a senior executive role with major corporate ad agencies Publicis, Medicus, Digitas based in New York and Chicago working directly on Nationwide Brand production projects within the Pharmaceutical industry.

Prior companies consisted at Jack Loeks Theatres, Celebration Cinemas and a consultant to many other theater exhibition companies. During this time he migrated the theater chains from paper based systems to computer based systems, migrated into Digital Audio with DTS, SDDS and Digital Dolby systems, migrated into Digital Projection systems and Digital Film Downstreams.

Rob has been developing with computers since the Commodore Vic 20 and has serious years with software development. He has always been on the bleeding edge of technology and believes that services should be simple for the viewers.

Shaun Egger
Shaun EggerCo Founder
Shaun is a master of audio engineering. He has engineered audio for over 20 years everything from gospel music, to the Superbowl. When Shaun gives the thumbs up for the audio, you know it can’t be any better.
Steve Siegel
Steve SiegelCo Founder
Steve Siegel began as an intern with Wilford Picar, a Master Photographer. While studying under Mr. Picar, he learned the “old fashioned” way of using lighting and exposure with artistic style. Steve’s work has been published in Sports Illustrated, National Geographic, Playboy Magazine, St Petersburg Times, Crain’s Chicago Business and others.